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Norsemen may well be the best Netflix series you haven’t seen. Flashback to how I imagine the creators devised their adult comedy:

Jonas Torgersen: “Let’s write a show about Vikings. We’re Norwegian, after all.”

Jon Iver Helgaker: “True, but History Channel’s already got a Vikings series. Hey, what if we…


“Tyr and Fenrir” by John Bauer (1911)
Tyr and Fenrir” by John Bauer (1911)

Thirteen years after the film Hellboy II: The Golden Army was released, it still boasts the best sword fight in cinematic history — Prince Nuada dispatching ten royal guardsmen in the Elven throne room. Fight me. In my early viewings, I recognized some of the references to Irish mythology. …

Those of you who follow me on social media know that I like to make humorous responses to other people’s posts. Wisecracking comes to me spontaneously. But to draft this post, I had to use the analytical side of my brain. So, fair warning: I’m setting your expectations right now…

Henry L. Herz

Henry Herz authored 11 traditionally published children’s books, 8 children’s and over 20 adult short stories. He’s edited three anthologies.

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